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Xonix MP3 Sunglasses

Make a great day even better

It's a pleasant day and you're enjoying yourself out in the sun with a pair of sunglasses. What can be better than adding your favorite music to the mix? Learn more…

Music + Voice Recorder

This pair of sunglasses combines tha functions of a music player, a voice recorder and sunglasses. It not only provides you shade, but also allows you to enjoy wonderful music anytime, anywhere you want. Excellent for outdoor activity, sports, vacations or leisure time.Learn more…

Music player

We built this product with a pair of high-fidelity earphones for you to enjoy quality music playback up to 8 hours per charge and store up to 32 hours of music/GB.

Audio capture

Not only does the product play music for you, it also helps capturing sound. The build-in recorder on the frame records audio up to 72 hour/GB. All it takes is a press of a button.