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Xonix MP3 Watches

It's time, for music!

This is the music player you will never lose. Xonix MP3 watch lets you wear up to 256 hours of music on your wirst. So your favorite music is avaiable to you literaly any where, any time. It also double as a storage device for any data you would like to carry around. No matter how sensitive the data is, you won't have to worry about losing it.Learn More…

Up to 8 GB

8 GB

Xonix MP3 watches offer to 8 GB of storage space through standard USB 2.0 interface. We use reliable brand-name flash memory from Samsung and Hynix.

Time Piece

Reliable 3 ATM water resistant watch heads from Xonix. The watch is anti-static, shock proof, and are made to last.

Other Styles