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About Xonix Company Profile Design Power Manufacture Capability

3D Design Step 1

R&D mechanical ichnography with AutoCAD

3D Design Step 2

CAD for mold processing on CNC processing center

CNC Center Step 3

High precision machining of dies and molds

Laser Marking Step 4

Diode laser etching case back or stainless steel bezel per customers' artwork requests

Wire Cutting Step 5

Wire cutting machine

Case Mold Step 6

Finished case mold

Injection Molding Step 7

Computer-controlled injection molding machine - for the plastic parts like cases, bezels, bands, and buttons

Injection Molding Step 8

Vertical injection molding machine inserts injecting injects watch button

Auto Painting Step 9

The painted parts can be rub, salt, and chemical proof with different paints

Punch Step 10

Stamping, punching flat forms of stainless steel bezel

Punch Step 11

Final molding of various kinds of stainless steel bezel

Punch Step 12

Final molding of various kinds of stainless steel bezel

SMT Mount Step 13

YAMAHA YV100 full vision series mounts small electronic parts to PCB

SMT Oven Step 14

Automatic circumfluence soldering machine solders SMT components to PCB board

Wire Auto Bonding Step 15

Wire bond an IC chip to the circuit board

Wire Auto Bonding Step 16

Wire bond IC chips to the circuit boards

QC Step 17

Accuracy & power consumption QC

Ultrasonic Soldering Step 18

Sealing an acrylic lens to a case to withstand 10 ATM pressure

Assembly Step 19

Watch assembly line

Water Resistant Test Step 20

WF-228 10-slot air leakage tester for 100% 10 ATM water resistant test